New AIM service modules for Cisco 26xx/366x routers.

New AIM service modules provide hardware acceleration of ATM services and allocate DSP resources for voice streams. One service module AIM-VOICE-30 supports up to 30 voice channels when using medium -complexity codecs, while digital streaming connection E1 is used to connect to telephone switches .

All necessary functionality is supported - voice compression/decompression , VAD, echo cancellation and basic telephone alarm protocols.

AIM Service Modules (Advanced Integration Module) for Cisco 26xx/366x routers are installed in specialized child slots on the motherboards of Cisco 26xx/366x series routers.

Cisco 2600 Series Routers they are equipped with one slot for AIM service modules, and models 3661 and 3662 have two such slots, as well as an additional slot for installing a child card, which allows multiplexing data streams through the internal TDM bus of the 366x series.

Full description of AIM-ATM-VOICE-30 modules

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