The new HP StorageWorks XP24000 disk array.

Race Communications introduces the new HP StorageWorks XP24000 disk array, a data storage system for large enterprises that provides high performance, stability, secure data storage and reduces power consumption. The platform integrates with HP servers and network storage solutions.

XP24000 is an exceptionally reliable design that provides complete fault tolerance, round–the-clock data availability, the ability to hot-swap components and real-time updates. Data replication and dynamic partitioning functions allow you to consolidate loads and reduce overall management costs.

The exchange rate of HP StorageWorks XP24000 with disks and servers is 4 Gbit/s. The platform can scale from 9 to 1152 disks, the maximum capacity of the array is 332 terabytes. The maximum performance reaches 3.5 million I/O operations per second.

An extensive software package significantly simplifies configuration, management, partitioning, replication and data security. The XP24000 platform can also be used to consolidate data and manage heterogeneous disk arrays. Special HP StorageWorks XP External Storage Software allows you to virtualize data warehouses and integrate storage resources, which ensures data migration and transfer of tasks on arrays.

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