Race Communications announces the start of sales of Cisco MDS 9124 Multilayer Switch.

The new Cisco MDS 9124 switch is an economical solution for building data centers. Cisco MDS 9124 is a scalable switch that supports all modern functions, provides high performance and allows you to quickly create and put into operation storage systems.

The new switch is easy to operate, compact, affordable and allows you to increase the capacity of ports as needed. Cisco MDS 9124 operates under the Cisco SAN-OS operating system, which includes modern security features that guarantee compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. The Quick Configuration Wizard software simplifies the configuration and management of storage networks.

Cisco MDS 9124 supports virtual storage networks, advanced security mechanisms, provides high fault tolerance, flexibility, scalability in the range from 8 to 24 ports, as well as simultaneous operation of 16 storage networks. Activation of additional ports in Cisco MDS 9124 is carried out “on demand" through an On-Demand Port Activation license.

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