The new Axis 241Q/S video server is already on sale.

The Axis 241Q/S video server is a development of the Axis 2400 line of network video servers and is a JPEG-based encoder for working in IP networks. Axis 241Q/S supports all the features of the previous family (the same ETRAX RISC processor is used), is additionally equipped with a built-in motion detector, has 4 relay outputs and provides support for up to 20 simultaneously connected users.

A new AXIS ARTPEC-2 video compression chip has been developed for the video server, which allowed to increase the maximum resolution to 768x576, in addition, the capacity of Flash and RAM memory has been increased. Axis 241Q/S has five compression levels and 10 types of resolution, which allows a flexible approach to determining the quality of the resulting image depending on the bandwidth of the communication channel.

Axis 241Q/S is available in two versions

  • Q – for 4 composite video inputs (Quad)

  • S – to choose from, one composite/S-Video input (Single), plus a control video output

The cost of Axis 241Q/S video servers is $1,499/$936, respectively, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Axis 241Q/S

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