Introducing a new design .

Race Company brings to your attention a new version of its website. The changes made are not only and not so much in the redesign of the pages, but relate primarily to the information delivery system. The site does not contain "heavy" graphic elements and loads quickly. A convenient, redundant navigation system facilitates access to numerous information resources: databases on products, standard solutions; information about the company and projects, publications in the "technical support", training course programs, etc. Any section of the site is accessible from the main page.

The Race Communications website is a rather complex software product. It contains more than 2000 pages, continues to grow every day, and at the same time is served by one person. This became possible thanks to the new information storage system, as well as the fact that the routine issues of layout or relevance of links are taken over by the program. The text and images are placed in the database, and the pages are generated automatically each time they are loaded.

For example, if a visitor is interested in routing equipment, the system it will automatically offer him the latest news from companies that supply such equipment, relevant publications from the sections "Standard Solutions" and "Race Laboratory", and other useful links. Price lists in all convenient formats are also generated automatically. Forums allow technical specialists to receive consultations online, and a specially designed "pre-moderation" system cuts off access to computer hooligans.

We hope that the new Race website will help you in finding the necessary information. Your suggestions and comments can be expressed in the questionnaire or at:

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