Deliveries of Avaya Definity Audix Velocity are being discontinued.

Race Communications informs that sales of multifunctional voice messaging systems - Avaya Definity Audix Velocity - are being discontinued. The sale of extensions and add-ons (ports and mailboxes) to the operated Definity Audix Velocity will be discontinued from March 31, 2004.

Instead of Avaya Definity Audix Velocity, Race specialists Communications suggests using one of two solutions:

  • Multimedia Voice Processing Server Avaya Intuity Audix LX messages, which can act as a collective answering machine, voice mail, automatic telephone operator, reference services. All types of messages are stored in a single mailbox Avaya Intuity Audix LX, access to which it can be obtained from any telephone or personal computer. From a technical point of view The Intuity vision system is a separate a module that connects to a PBX (both manufactured by Avaya and other manufacturers) and to a local computer network.
  • Novavox Smartphone VoiceMail Voice Mail server having similar functionality and support the Russian language. The system integrates with the vast majority of modern PBX, including Avaya, has advanced management tools and a user-friendly interface.

The cost of voice mail solutions on 4 analog lines:for Avaya Intuity Audix LX - $6163 (for 100 mailboxes), for Novavox Smartphone VoiceMail (the number of mailboxes is unlimited) - $3313, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Avaya Intuity AudixDescription of Novavox Smartphone VoiceMail

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