Press release: Motorola modems are returning to Russia.

Race Communications, one of the leading Russian system integrators, will resume deliveries of corporate analog modems developed by Motorola in September. There are several thousand such devices operating in Russia, but in recent months, due to the internal reorganization of Motorola, domestic users have been deprived of the opportunity to purchase this equipment.
Now the license for the production of enterprise-class modems has been transferred to Telenetics Corporation (California, USA). In January 2001, the dismantling of the assembly lines began, in the spring they were installed at a new location, and in the summer the volume of production of modems united in the Sunrise Series group reached the previous level.
Production of both families of corporate modems certified in Russia has been fully resumed: 326x and 3460 Fast'R.
Modems of the 326x family are known for their unsurpassed performance when working on low-quality telephone lines. The linear path of these devices is made on discrete elements, which ensures stable communication even with a high level of interference. Another unique feature of 326x modems is SDC (Synchronous Data Compression) technology for compressing data transmitted using synchronous protocols (X.25, Frame Relay). Thanks to this, the effective transmission speed can be increased fourfold, which is important for telephone lines with low bandwidth. All modems are equipped with buttons and LCD displays for configuration.
The 3460 Fast'R devices belong to the corporate models of the economy class. The use of a new set of chips, the release of models with buttons and LCD displays and without them have significantly reduced the price of equipment.
Modems of both families are available in various versions: stand-alone devices, boards for installation in the chassis, with support for two- and four-wire lines. The Fast'R VU graphical utility simplifies the configuration of modems, and the use of a proxy agent allows you to integrate modems with the Motorola 9000 OMS SNMP management system on the HP OpenView platform.
The first batch of several dozen modems of the 326x family will be delivered to one of the largest banks in Russia in September.
Telenetics specializes in the development and production of wireless and wired access solutions. Detailed information about the corporation is on the Web server .
Race Communications specializes in system integration in the field of corporate and telecommunication systems. The company offers solutions based on products and technologies of the world's leading manufacturers of network and computer equipment and software: Schmid Telecom, Motorola MND, ADC, Cisco, Compaq, VTEL, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent, Siemens, RAD Data, MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More detailed information about Race Communications can be obtained by calling (495) 785-0770, 916-RACE (916-7223), on the Web server or by email .

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