Press release: Race Communications has started developing a Small Business Information Portal within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Electronic Russia".

According to the results of the open competition on the program activities of the Federal Target Program "Electronic Russia (2002-2010)" Race Communications, together with the co-executors of the ANO ICC "Business Thesaurus" and JSC "GVTS Energetiki", was recognized as the winner for lot No. 1 "Creation of an Information portal of small business on the Internet" within the framework of the creation of a unified specialized information system "Government portal".

The purpose of the project is to create a specialized information system on the Internet that provides information interaction and information needs in the field of small business.

The main tasks of creating the portal are: reducing the costs of a potential entrepreneur on the way to forming a business entity, improving the quality of information provided; optimizing the communication of entrepreneurship with government agencies, increasing the speed of the state's response to the urgent needs of small businesses, implementing a problem-oriented rubricator designed to provide a complete set of information on various tasks; optimizing the communication of entrepreneurship with government agencies; organizing feedback with potential entrepreneurs; collection and statistical processing of information related to all aspects of the activities of entities in the small business sector.

The Internet portal will make it possible to increase the effectiveness of state policy regarding the development of small business through the creation of an information support system for management decisions in public authorities, as well as improving interaction between the state and SMEs in the process of developing a regulatory framework. The most important economic effect of the implementation of the work will be to stimulate the development of small businesses through improving the efficiency of information and consulting support for their activities.

The work on the deployment and information content of the portal will be carried out during 2003-2004. Due to the high relevance of creating such a system and its information content, experts in various fields, as well as representatives of the business community will be involved in the work.

Suggestions for filling the portal can be sent to: portal@race.ruRace Communications is a Russian system integrator offering laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers.

Race carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. More information about Race Communications can be obtained at www.race.ruANO ICC "Business Thesaurus" is one of the leading analytical centers in the field of small business research.

It was established in 1998. The company has implemented about 30 projects dedicated to the analysis and diagnostics of the business environment and the development of recommendations in the field of development of state policy in this area. More detailed information about the ANO ICC "Business Thesaurus" can be obtained at www.nisse.ruMore detailed information about JSC "GVTS Energetiki" can be obtained at

PRESS RELEASE November 2003

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