Press release: Race enters the New Year 2004 with an updated logo.

Since 2004, Race Communications has been putting its updated logo into use. The new logo has become more energetic and impetuous, maintaining continuity with the first Race logo - the permanent symbol of the company.

The image of a horse leading in the race and controlled by a rider remained almost unchanged in the new Race Communications logo and became the basis of continuity. This vivid, memorable visualization carried through the decade the main aspirations of the company's creators. In the new century, a lot has changed around, but the inner core and principles of Race have remained unchanged. A swift horse driven by a man is a symbol of leadership, harmony, strength and speed, and remains the company's philosophical model.

Leonid Lopatin, CEO of Race Communications, commented on the change of the company's symbol as follows: "Continuity and loyalty to corporate traditions were key aspects when updating the Race logo. Our logo was well recognized and liked by many, but in 10 years it ceased to look modern, and required updating: the company itself grew almost 30 times, the status of ongoing projects increased, young capable specialists came, and the speed of business itself changed. As a result, the task was to reflect the listed changes in the updated version and at the same time not lose recognition."

The most serious changes affected the outline and possible arrangement of elements. The new font was designed specifically for the Race logo and is not based on any of the well-known fonts. It was the font that became a symbol of the new dynamics of the system integration business in the understanding of its developers. The lawn on which the horse and rider ran in the previous version of the logo, and which implicitly personified the untilled field of the Russian IT industry of the 90s, in the new edition became a slender IT treadmill of the 21st century, where the game is played according to professional rules and the strongest wins.

The updated version has added new options for the location of the sign and logo relative to each other. The new layout options are a sign that Race has become more flexible, and the proposed solutions have become more diverse and efficient. The potential of the proposed telecommunications solutions is now such that it is able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

The color scheme of the logo remained black and green. The combination of these colors symbolizes solidity, reliability and constant growth. However, the green color in the new logo has become brighter, lively and young. In recent years, many young professionals have joined Race Communications, who, having received a good education and experience working with experts, have managed to become the driving force for the further development of the company.

The new logo will be used to visualize all business and office printing, representative souvenirs, Race Communications web pages. The change of corporate identity began in December 2003 and should be fully completed by the opening of the Svyazexpocomm2004 exhibition in May 2004.

For more information, please contact:
to Nikita Yemets and Elena Mitina
(495) 785-0770, 916-RACE (916-7223) and by email
A detailed guide on how to use the new corporate identity will be sent upon request.

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