Press about Race: The first commercial tracking system for mobile objects in Russia has turned 2 years old.

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The WebLocator Mobile Object Location Monitoring Service, a joint project of Race Communications and the MegaFon-Moscow network, was first demonstrated at the Svyazexpocom-2002 exhibition, and its commercial operation began under the new year 2003. Taking this moment as a starting point, the creators of the "Locator" have now celebrated its two-year anniversary. The number of requests to the system in 2004 exceeded 1.5 million, which is connected with the launch of the WebLocator LITE service in Moscow, addressed to the mass user. Because she uses a positioning technique by means of a mobile network, the "observed object" does not need additional equipment - a cell phone of absolutely any model is enough. According to Vasily Kuzichev, Business Development Director of the MegaFon-Moscow network , since the start of the new Locator (test operation began in in May, and commercial - in August 2004) not a single day has passed without connecting to it, counting weekends and holidays. At the same time, 80% of those who connected, according to MegaFon statistics, became regular customers of the service. Independent testing of "WebLocator LITE" conducted by the laboratory of IA "Sotovik", it showed that the service parameters correspond to the declared values.

The "old" positioning with the help of a satellite - WebLocator GPS, designed for business users, continued to develop. Last year the quality his work was once again checked during the motor rally of the club "Cannon The core" in Yalta. This service has also acquired several new useful functions, including the control of departure outside the user-designated zone, the organization of requests according to a schedule (according to statistics for November 2004, there were already more than 90% of requests to WebLocator systems), management of the main modes via SMS messages or e-mail. On the basis of the WebLocator software and hardware complex , in addition, several specialized corporate systems have been deployed (collection, taxis, large retail chains, etc.). Some services are also integrated with it OEM partners of Race. So, LoJack and Dellson companies, which are authorized centers for the installation of WebLocator system equipment, use positioning to search for stolen cars. In the near future, the developers plan to add information about city traffic jams (Q1 2005), integration with the logistics system. "The clients themselves help us to find and implement new useful business functions", - Race Communications CEO Leonid told the Telecom Forum Lopatin.

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