Press about Race: Three companies have started testing the "Locator".

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On Thursday, May 16, Race Communications, Sonic Duo (Megafon trademark) and Prin announced that they had signed protocols on their intention to create a strategic alliance to begin testing a new integrated Locator service — a distributed coordinate control system for mobile objects.

The Locator system, according to its creators, should provide users in the office with the ability to access the cartographic information server via the Internet or a corporate network, where they can get a fragment of a map displaying a mobile object (vehicle) equipped with the system. To create a "Locator", Sonic Duo provided a transport messaging environment with mobile objects in the entire coverage area of GSM networks in Russia and abroad, Prin developed and supplied on-board equipment, and Race provided system integration of the project and services of cartographic and information servers.

Commercial operation of the system should begin in the IV quarter of this year. The client will purchase only an on-board kit equipped with a GSM device, and he will receive access to cartographic resources for a subscription fee that takes into account traffic between the "board" and the user. It is expected that the subscription fee will be no more than $ 40-50 per month when requesting the location of an object every 15 minutes during business hours.

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A press conference on the Locator system was held at the Svyaz-Expocomm-2002 exhibition.