The certificate for DSL equipment of ADC company has been extended.

The Russian Federation for Communications and
Informatization has certified
the use of equipment of the WorldDSL and
Campus on local networks of the VSS of Russia, and families
Megabit Modem - on subscriber sites. A new
certificate of conformity No. OS/1-SDS-62
was received for a period up to April 17, 2006 to replace
a similar one that has expired.

Race Communications is the oldest
Russian partner of PairGain (
which became part of ADC Telecommunications Inc. in 2000)
and has the highest partnership status - Platinum
Distributor. ADC equipment
is delivered from a warehouse in Moscow or on
order within 4-6 weeks.

Certificate of Conformity No. OS/1-SDS-62Race -

ADC Platinum PartnerADC on the Race website


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