Race presents Siemens optiPoint 500 digital phones.

The new family of optiPoint 500 digital phones manufactured by Siemens is an additional component of the IP communication platform architecture HiPath. optiPoint 500 devices have all the functions available in Optiset E, as well as a number of new ones - in particular, they are equipped with a USB port through which they can be connected directly to a computer (where, for example, some computer telephony application works). At the same time, the phones can be connected both to early models of Siemens telephone exchanges - Hicom 300 E and Hicom 300, and used in conjunction with digital PBX and new IP communication platforms HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000.

With the help of special adapters , you can configure the phone for any needs, in particular, connect additional phones with Up 0/E interface, analog devices (modems, fax machines), ISDN terminals. The audio adapter allows you to connect any tape recorder or headphones; the acoustic adapter is a microphone and speaker.

The optiPoint 500 family consists of five models, the cost of the devices is shown in the table. Deliveries are carried out from the warehouse Race Communications in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.


optiPoint 500 entry

€ 74.68

optiPoint 500 economy

€ 171.22

optiPoint 500 basic

€ 252.3

optiPoint 500 standard

€ 302.97

optiPoint 500 advance

€ 404.32

Full description of optiPoint 500 entryFull description of optiPoint 500

economyFull description of optiPoint 500

basicFull description of optiPoint 500 standard

Full description of optiPoint 500 advance

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