Race announces a new processor module NPE-G1 for Cisco 7200 routers.

New Processor module (Network Processor Engine) NPE-G1 for Cisco Router series The 7200 combines an I/O module and integrated data transfer ports. Among the main features of the novelty are the following:

  • Increased productivity - 2.5 times more than that of the NPE-400
  • A larger amount of memory is supported - up to 1 GB
  • 3 built-in Gigabit Ethernet/Fast Ethernet ports that do not take up port adapter bus resources
  • Full functionality is provided input/output (flash memory, as well as console and AUX ports), which excludes the need to install an input/output module and allows you to reduce overall costs
  • Compact is used for storing Cisco IOS software Flash memory

The table shows the main comparative characteristics of the announced processor module NPE-G1 with the popular model NPE-400



Processor clock speed

RAM, standard/max.



RISC 7000

350 MHz

128/512 MB

400 thousand packets per second



800 MHz

128/1024 MB

800-1000 thousand packets per second

In addition to the processor module , an I/O module can be installed in the router. This will allow, without taking up the bandwidth of the port adapter bus, to obtain a high density of 10/100/100 ports. Ethernet.

3 ports are alternately located on the front panel of the NPE-G1 processor module 10/100/1000Mb/s with RJ-45 connectors and 3 GBIC Gigabit optical media converter slots. It is allowed to connect to one of two paired ports - either to an RJ-45 or to a GBIC gigabit optical media converter . Standard GBIC SX/LX/ZX media converters (WS-G5484, WS-G5486, WS-G5487) are used to connect optical data transmission media.

New processor module NPE-G1 it will be available for order in September 2002.

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