Vanguard MS is one year old.

Company Race Communications, one of the largest Russian distributors of Vanguard MS, congratulates its American partner on his first birthday. In August, one year has passed since the moment when the Internet and division Networking Group has separated from Motorola Corporation into an independent firm Vanguard Managed Solutions.

This event took place during a difficult period for the telecommunications industry when the shares of high-tech companies were falling, but the "newcomer" with half a century of experience not only did not give up the positions won, but also continued to update the model range. If earlier any reorganization in the Motorola corporation somehow affected the division that produces multiservice routers, now the company is working in accordance with its own business strategy. More attention is paid to software development and improvement of the most popular functions, such as working over the Internet and virtual private networks.

The effectiveness of the support that Vanguard MS provides to its partners has also increased. "We strive to establish long-term relationships with our by customers, including through after-sales support, - said Raphael Shamiev, Head of the Race Product Department Communications. " The eTAC (electronic Technical Assistance Center) Web-based service center and a repair shop in Moscow help us a lot in this."

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