Race Communications begins deliveries of Definity One.

Race Communications begins deliveries of Avaya Definity BCS telephone exchanges in a 19" metal cabinet. Migration from a plastic CMC cabinet to a 19" metal one, while maintaining the cost and configuration of the station, will allow installing PBX in standard server racks and unifying SPD equipment and telephone equipment. In the North American market, such a configuration has existed for quite a long time and is known as Definity One. Now this type of equipment is available in Russia.

Definity BCS (Business Communication System) is a special package offer from Avaya Communication, which includes five basic configurations: two in a plastic cabinet (CMC) and three in a 23" metal case (SI). The configurations (and cost) of Definity SI stations positioned as an industrial solution are significantly higher than CMC. As a result, the customer often faced a dilemma - to take a more convenient rack-mounted station or a plastic cabinet. Now there is no such problem.

The cost of Avaya Definity BCS in a 19" metal cabinet is $9700 in the minimum configuration, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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