Race Communications has received the status of a DSL specialization of Cisco Systems.

Company Race Communications has received a new status of specialization of Cisco Systems, now in the field of DSL access organization.

The market for broadband access facilities is currently developing rapidly. Noting this, Race Communications strives to expand the list of DSL access solutions and improve the quality of their technical support.

In order to obtain the status in the company , specialized training of employees was organized , laboratory equipment was installed in the technical department that allows modeling various solutions and conducting their technical expertise.

Specialization in the field of DSL access is the third in the luggage of Race Communications. Previously , specializations were obtained in the field of Universal Access - Universal Dial Access and in the field of Wireless Local Area Networks - Wireless LAN.

The company has a number of other plans Cisco-specializations, their receipt will allow to further increase the level of pre-sale and after-sale support of the proposed solutions.

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