Race introduces a new version of Vanguard Applications Ware 6.1.

Race Communications introduces a new version of the Vanguard Applications Ware software Release 6.1. This built-in OS for Vanguard multiservice routers supports the widest set of applications and is highly stable. Like previous versions, the 6.1 software has a high-performance architecture built according to the dual core scheme with switching and routing mechanisms.

The new version of Vanguard Applications Ware is designed to work with devices Vanguard 320, 340, 6435, 6455, 7300 and has a number of new features, in particular:

  • 4ESS ISDN Switch support in Vanguard 6455 and 7300
  • The ability to create a direct voice channel via FXS interface for various audio applications
  • Static DS0 Switching support in Vanguard 7300
  • Compatible with Cisco AS5300 over VoIP
  • H. Support323 for ISDN PRI/BRI
  • Increased number of records in tables routing and switching for Vanguard 7300

Currently , Vanguard Applications Ware 6.1 software is available to order as part of Vanguard devices or separately for upgrading installed equipment. Users who have a software maintenance agreement can get this version for free, other users can purchase Applications Ware 6.1 at a price from $120 to $6480, depending on the type of equipment and set of functions. Delivery is carried out from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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