Race Communications presented solutions for the transition to multiprotocol networks at Comtek’98.

Race Communications Company specializes in system integration in areas of corporate and telecommunications systems. In the Russian market, the company works with Since 1994 and has established itself as a reliable partner in the design, construction and maintenance of complex global information systems. complexes, as well as for expansion and modernization existing systems.

Recently, the trend of transition from single-protocol corporate has intensified networks (IP or IPX) to multiprotocol networks (SNA, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM and POS terminal traffic) with integrated services (with transmission telephone, fax and video traffic).

Example of a data transmission network with The integration of services was presented at the Race stand Communications at Comtek’98. Heterogeneous the global network united the “central office” corporations, “branch” and “remote offices". A node also operated on the basis of the central office Internet access, the services of which all clients of the corporate network used it, who had the appropriate rights.

The work of the central office supported Cisco 2500 routers, switch Cisco Catalyst and Motorola MPRouter Regional Hub 6560. This configuration provided connection to the global network of all office resources: mainframe IBM, LAN Ethernet, institutional PBX Definity company Lucent.

The branch was equipped with a Motorola device MPRouter 6520, to which Ethernet LAN, PBX and telephones were connected. Several ports were reserved for maintenance serial devices (IBM controllers, ATMs, POS terminals, etc.).

Installed in remote offices inexpensive Motorola Vanguard access devices served to connect LAN, ATMs, POS terminals, phones, PBX and Motorola video monitoring systems RemoteVU.

The problem of the “last mile" was solved in various ways: using Motorola corporate modems, class modems Patton's short-range and high-performance DSL devices of the company ADC (PairGain) layout equipment also supports ISDN BRI and PRI connections.

The global network was managed with a working Hewlett-Packard company stations where there were Motorola 9000-UX and CiscoWorks control systems are installed on the HP OpenView platform.

Unified communication structure, similar to the one deployed at the Race Communications stand, allows you to significantly reduce the costs of the corporation compared to the traditional approach, when to transmit each type of traffic a separate network is being created. Additional savings are brought by the refusal to rent landline phones and the ability to avoid payment long-distance conversations. The integration of telephony and data networks is special relevant in the light of the upcoming introduction of time-based payment of local telephone conversations.

Race Communications engineers have a wealth of experience creation and support of such systems. Proposed typical solutions are built on the basis of network Motorola, Cisco, Bay Networks devices, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard computing equipment, Lucent telephone exchanges, software products from Microsoft, Novell, Hewlett-Packard, SCO and other computer market leaders. These solutions have been tested in practice and have proven their reliability and economic efficiency.

Race Communications has all the necessary licenses to conduct construction and electrical installation works, provision of telephone communication services, development of information security systems. Teachers of the Training Center will teach customer's technical staff is modern network technologies, service specialists support will provide the necessary advice.

Consultations and services specialists of the company are constantly used Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow branch of Westdeutsche Landesbank Vostok, Moscow municipal bank “Bank Moscow”, RAO Gazprom, East Siberian railway, Federal Aviation Service Russia, Federal Food Service corporation, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, telecommunications operators ”Global One“ and ICC ”Express" and many others.

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