Race Communications introduces new service modules for the Catalyst 6500 switches.

Race Communications introduces new service modules with enhanced functionality for Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches. New modules allow to achieve high performance and scalability of technical solutions, provide a modern level of security, protect investments and reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment.

Cisco Systems offers more than 20 service modules for Catalyst 6500 switches, which are divided into five categories: security modules, application network models, network monitoring modules, wireless mobile network modules and IP communication modules. Among the latest innovations in the family of service modules for the Catalyst 6500:

  • Network Analysis Module 3.5 - Complete traffic analysis for IP networks, applications and services, including IP/MPLS, voice and QoS
  • DDoS Multi-Device Manager 1.0 - advanced features of consolidated monitoring, reporting and configuration settings for Anomaly Detector and Guard Modules
  • Application Control Engine is a service module that supports a variety of services for data centers (load balancing on servers, switching and overclocking applications, integrated security services for networks and applications)
  • Wireless Services Module is a wireless services module that is considered one of the most innovative unified scalable wireless networking solutions in the industry
  • Firewall Services Module 3.1 is a firewall with advanced scalability and functionality, including application and protocol inspection
  • Intrusion Detection System Module 2 5.1 is an intrusion detection module with IPS 5.1 system, excellent teamwork functions with speed limitation of managed devices, multi-vector threat recognition, IPv6, MPLS, GRE and SCADA traffic inspection
  • IPsec VPN Shared Port Adapter Module is a shared port adapter for IPsec VPN networks with the IOS 12 operating system.(18)SXF2 for encrypting multicast traffic using the General Encapsulation (GRE) method and using GRE tunnels
  • Communication Media Module is a communication media module with the IOS 12.4(7a) operating system with security, reliability, gateway connections and interactive answering machines

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series of switches is rightfully considered one of the most popular and advanced network platforms. The new service modules for the Catalyst 6500 will help users implement modern technologies to meet the ever-growing network requirements.

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