Race Communications took part in the creation of the <br>Scientific and Information Center.

Company Race Communications took part in the creation of Scientific and Information Center at the Rostov State University of Economics and Service (branch of the South Russian State University of Economics and Service).

On September 4, 2002, representatives of the company attended the grand opening ceremony, where they donated equipment for organizing video conferences.

The initiative to create a research and information center at RIS belongs to the Southwest Bank of Sberbank of Russia, which has chosen a promising form of cooperation with the institute. The policy of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is aimed at attracting young highly qualified specialists, graduates of regional universities, therefore , increased attention is paid to such projects .

The opening of the Center was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of a number of well-known telecommunications companies Of Russia. For Race Communications, participation in such educational projects is part of a promising program of assistance to Russian educational institutions.

Sponsorship provided by Race Communications, while equipping the Center with modern equipment, allows students, graduate students, university teachers to get prompt and full access to structured information on the economic activity of the region. The Scientific Center will certainly take its rightful place in the education system and, perhaps, will be a starting point for discoveries in the field of banking.

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