Race Communications became an Axis Communications dealer.

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, has entered into a dealer agreement with Axis Communications.

Axis Communications develops and manufactures equipment based on ThinServer technology: network video cameras, video servers, print servers, CD/DVD servers, NAS servers, servers for connecting scanners to the network, etc. These devices provide the working group with transparent access to various resources - video surveillance cameras, scanners, mass storage systems, printers, digital copiers, CD/DVD drives - and allow them to be managed over the network by Web means without using the resources of workstations or a file server. Protocol converters and print servers, with which Axis started its business, allow you to connect conventional printers not only to an Ethernet network, but also to IBM mainframes and AS/400 systems.

Race Communications specialists have already implemented a number of projects in which Axis Web cameras are used to monitor various objects: drilling, administrative buildings, pipelines, etc. It is used both to enable cameras directly on the Internet and intranet with viewing and recording information on a remote workstation, and to install video servers with external analog cameras with the possibility of duplication images on the monitor.Video surveillance system based on equipment

Axis CommunicationsRetail Price of Axis 2100 Webcams in Race

Communications is $480, and video servers for 4 Axis 2400 video cameras are $1,315.

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