Race Communications has entered the second stage of the Sberbank of Russia competition.

Race Communications and FSUE "Space Communications" entered the second stage of the Sberbank of Russia competition for the development and implementation of the project of the third stage of the satellite communications network. Five contestants left the race. Further struggle will unfold not only between the nine companies, but also between LinkStar and DirecWay technologies.

The third stage of the Sberbank of Russia satellite communications network consists of 1200 stations with a single control center. In the pilot part of the project, 20 ground stations will be built in the West Siberian Bank of the SB of the Russian Federation (Tyumen). The Express-AM22 satellite is supposed to be used as a space segment of the network.

According to Sberbank itself, preference was given to companies that offered solutions based on LinkStar and DirecWay. LinkStar and DirecWay are American—made equipment. LinkStar is a product of VIASAT Corporation, which offers a wide range of equipment for satellite networks of various purposes. DirecWay is a product of Hughes Network Systems, one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of broadband satellite networks.

Race Communications participates in the tender in conjunction with FSUE "Space Communications". Kosmicheskaya Svyaz is a national satellite communications operator, the owner of an orbital constellation of geostationary satellites. Race Communications commissioned the SPIN satellite network in 2004, built on the basis of ViaSat's LinkStar network equipment, and has extensive experience in both system integration and satellite network construction.

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