Race and Cisco presented Country Park at the Conference "Commercial Real Estate and Construction in Russia".

At the beginning of June 2003 in Moscow, at the Marriott Grand Hotel, Race, together with Cisco Systems, presented to the Conference participants as an intelligent building of a new generation the Country Park business center under construction, belonging to category A1 - the highest category of office real estate objects.

The business center is located in the North-West of the capital, right behind the MKAD, and is a 17-storey office building with a total area of about 18,000 square meters, and has a developed infrastructure: a restaurant, a hotel, parking, a pier for boats, etc. The telecommunications part of the project is implemented on the basis of Cisco Systems equipment, which allows you to meet the highest requirements in the field of communication and information transmission. For the first time in Russia, the telephony of the complex is carried out on the basis of the latest IP technologies and provides tenants not only with Moscow telephone numbers and advanced in-office telephony capabilities, but also a number of additional information services - voice mail systems, call and message processing centers, voice menus and others. Country Park provides wireless mobile access services that allow you to work remotely in the complex's network: from restaurant halls, in recreation areas, in warehouses and technical rooms. It is important that the tenant does not need to install expensive and complex maintenance systems in his office - he can use the ready-made range of Country Park services.

Cisco Systems demonstrated at the Conference equipment and solutions designed to create telecommunications infrastructure in the buildings of business centers and hotel complexes. At a specific Country Park project, modern technologies and products were demonstrated that combine user convenience and mobility, but at the same time, which is important, they also provide network security. This undoubtedly increases the attractiveness of the project, both for tenants and investors.

It should be noted that the implementation of the entire telecommunications part of the project, the construction of the network infrastructure of the complex is carried out by Race Communications, which is the Golden Partner of Cisco Systems.

The Country Park office complex was presented at the Conference as an example of the implementation of the latest telecommunications and engineering technologies that will allow tenants to conduct their business at a higher level, in other words, simply increase its profitability.

The commissioning of the Country Park business Center is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2004.

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