Race begins deliveries of Axis 205 - the smallest network video cameras.

The newest Axis 205 is the smallest network video camera to date, which has a fundamentally new form factor for Web cameras and does not require a separate computer due to the built-in Linux-based Web server.

To make the novelty cheaper, the developers deliberately limited the set of supported functions. In particular, the camera does not allow you to accompany the video with sound and lacks a built-in motion detector. At the same time, it has everything necessary for transmitting video images over the network, giving the user the opportunity to choose the frame format and any of the four signal compression modes using the Motion JPEG protocol. Users can also, as in the entire Axis video product line, record and store an image on a hard disk using Axis Camera Recorder software.

The cost of Axis 205 is $211, deliveries since March 2004 from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Axis 205 video cameras

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