Race starts delivering Eicon DIVA Server for PCI-X bus.

Race Communications begins to deliver a new version of the DIVA Server boards from Eicon Networks. Unlike previous models, this board has a low profile and is compatible with the PCI-X bus.The DIVA Server BRI-2M 2.0 (Low-profile) board belongs to the well-established Eicon DIVA Server family and is based on the PCI 2.2 bus. The board supports 3.3 V and 5V signaling, a 64-bit bus with a clock frequency of 64 MHz and has received the code designation 306-216.

The dimensions of the board and mounting plate allow it to be used in low profile systems. The PCI 2.2 bus is used today by all leading manufacturers of servers and workstations.

The new model offers users functionality similar to the capabilities of the previously developed 306-162 board. This is an active ISDN server adapter with connection via the BRI interface. The presence of built-in DSP processors (digital signal processing) makes it possible to efficiently serve both analog and digital applications on the ISDN network, including telephone and fax communication and data transmission. DIVA Server boards are automatically recognized during installation by Windows 2000 and XP, for other most popular operating systems on the website www.eicon.com free drivers are available.

Depending on the applications used, a computer with DIVA Server boards installed can perform the functions of an access server, an IP telephony gateway, a fax server, a call center, and others, and the built-in DSP processors minimize the load on the computer's central processor when processing voice and fax traffic.

The retail price of the DIVA Server BRI-2M 2.0 (Low-profile) board from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow is $599.28.

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