Race provides a new series of Cisco Catalyst 2940 switches.

The new non-blocking switches of the Cisco Catalyst 2940 series allow you to effectively solve the tasks of organizing and connecting small networks and provide the highest operational reliability and performance. The Cisco 2940 series includes two switches - Catalyst 2940-8TT and Catalyst 2940-8TF, each with 8 10/100 FastEthernet ports with automatic detection of connection speed and duplex. In addition, each switch has one uplink port.

Cisco Catalyst 2940 switches are made in a metal case with passive cooling and have small overall dimensions. In order to eliminate uncomfortable noises, fans are not used in the new switches. The mount allows you to place the switches on the desktop, on the wall or under the table, and the built-in power supply increases the convenience of operation.

The cost of the new Catalyst 2940-8TF and 2940-8TT switches (part codes WS-C2940-8TF-S and WS-C2940-8TT-S) according to the GPL price list is $995 and $795, respectively, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

Full description of Cisco Catalyst 2940

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