Race introduces a new analog version of Smartphone 4.1.

The multifunctional universal Novavox Smartphone platform is designed to solve office communication tasks and provide information and telecommunication services. The platform is a software system that includes an advanced voice mail system and a fax server with the ability to expand to a fully functional unified system for the exchange of speech, fax and electronic messages.

Smartphone version 4.1 offers users new functionality:

  • Intel® Dialogic® System Release 6.0 PCI software Support
  • New interface for managing audio applications
  • Multimedia Phone Simulator
  • Inspecting The Smartphone Message Queue
  • Server configuration utility that allows you to edit the parameters of Smartphone Server files
  • Smart-4-Fax automation interface for automatic sending of faxes in batch mode
  • Smartphone Server Automatic Startup service after Windows restart

The cost of Smartphone 4.1 depends on the number of users and the set of installed modules, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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