Race introduces a new version of Cisco CallManager.

In the new release of Cisco CallManager v. 3.3(3), Cisco Systems has done work to improve the transition process from old software versions to the new one, in addition, a number of improvements have been introduced and new functionality has been added.

Let's list the most interesting features of Cisco CallManager v. 3.3(3):

  • implemented simultaneous support in Route Lists groups with gateways using the QSIG protocol and groups with gateways using other protocols;
  • Call Throttling allows you to limit the number of calls, incoming from phones and voice gateways;
  • caller identification is supported parties for incoming and outgoing calls on trunks using other (non-QSIG) protocols;
  • implemented IPMA application support for Cisco 7940 phone number;
  • added JTAPI support for analog phones connected to voice ports Cisco ATA and Cisco VG248 gateways;
  • new Cisco IP phone models are supported 7902G, 7905G, 7912G, including wireless IP phone Cisco 7920.

Additionally for servers using Cisco CallManager, two new applications have been released: WebDialer and Cisco CallManager Upgrade Assistant Utility. WebDialer 1.0(3) allows you to dial a number by selecting a link in a web or any other desktop application. Cisco CallManager Upgrade Assistant Utility is used to get basic recommendations on changes to Cisco CallManager settings that should be made before switching to the new version 3.3(3). This is a diagnostic application that simplifies the procedure for upgrading CallManager servers, its use does not affect the overall state of the system.

The new version of Cisco CallManager will be available to Race Communications customers in CD format or bundled with new MCS platforms from mid-August. The cost of software updates for servers using Cisco CallManager versions 3.1 and 3.2, according to the GPL price list is $200.

August 2003

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