Race introduces new Sun Microsystems servers.

The new Sun Fire servers with CoolThreads technology provide record performance, efficient power consumption and high density of computing equipment in the rack. The UltraSPARC T1 processor used with support for CoolThreads technology has six or eight cores and provides parallel processing of up to 32 computing threads.

The new Sun Fire T1000 and Sun Fire T2000 servers are optimal for multi-threaded data processing and use as a Web server, network server, security server, mail server, etc. The more powerful Sun Fire T2000 server is also used as a server for Java applications, enterprise applications, network infrastructure services and database nodes.

The Sun Fire T1000 and Sun Fire T2000 are optimized for rack mounting, 1U and 2U high, respectively. Sun Fire servers with CoolThreads technology support allow you to achieve the highest levels of performance with minimal power consumption and minimum space occupied, significantly expand the capacity of existing information centers with significant cost savings.

The cost of servers depends on the configuration, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

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