Race introduces a new Gigabit interface converter from Cisco Systems.

Race Communications begins deliveries of a new model of optical interface converter - GLC-BX-D (GLC-BX-U) from Cisco Systems.

A distinctive feature of the new converter model is the ability to organize a fully functional bidirectional communication channel at a speed of 1 Gbit/sec, using only one optical fiber.

This became possible due to the fact that the transmission and reception of information are conducted at different wavelengths. For example, transmission can be carried out at a wavelength of 1490 nm., and reception can be carried out at a length of 1310 nm. The optical splitter built into the module is responsible for the separation of transmission channels.

There are two models of converters – a model with the code GLC-BX-D and a model with the code GLC-BX-U. There should be converters with different codes at the different end of the communication channel.

Converters support only single-mode optical fiber (up to 10,000 meters). The quality of the physical communication channel is monitored by the digital optical monitoring system – Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM). This system is integrated into the converter and allows you to determine in real time various characteristics of the converter and the communication channel, such as input and output power, temperature, laser offset, supply voltage.

At the moment, converters are supported by some modules of the Catalyst 6500 switch family.

Modules are available to order. They are delivered from a warehouse in Moscow or on order within 5-6 weeks.

The price according to the GPL price list is US$ 1,300 for the GLC-BX-D and GLC-BX-U modules.

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