Race presents Polycom ViewStation EX.

The Polycom ViewStation EX video conferencing system is actually an improved version of the popular ViewStation H videoconferencing system.323. At the same time, the new ViewStation EX remained in the same price category as H.323.

Polycom ViewStation EX provides users with new features previously available only to Hi-End systems: the ability to simultaneously see both the speaker (on a television monitor) and his multimedia presentation (on an XGA display or projector) in real time in conferences between any VCS terminals that support similar capabilities.

ViewStation EX supports working with all network management and collaboration software products offered by Polycom, such as the PathNavigator call processing server with OneDial support, the Global Management System network Monitoring and Management system and its Global Address Book. ViewStation EX can participate in large multipoint conferences using both Polycom MGC series video servers and video servers from other manufacturers.

The cost of the ViewStation EX is $6,600, delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Polycom ViewStation EX

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