Race represents the Axis 2130 managed network camera.

Axis The 2130 is an integrated device combining a network camera and a servo drive, which provides the user with remote control over pan/tilt/zoom functions in real time via a local network or Internet. 16x optical zoom and autofocus allow cameras to be used for remote monitoring, diagnostics, technological television and security systems.

Like the entire Axis network camera series, the device is based on the ETRAX 100 RISC processor, ARTPEC-1 JPEG codec and ThinServer technology. A Linux-based embedded Web server provides flexible management and monitoring of the device via a regular browser, for which Axis 2130 is enough to connect to an Ethernet network. Additionally, upon activation of the built -in motion detector, automatic mailing is possible “captured” images by e-mail or via FTP. The camera is designed for indoor installation in normal lighting conditions and is available in two versions: desktop and ceiling-mounted.

The cost of the Axis 2130 network camera is $1855, delivered from the Race warehouse Communications in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of Axis 2130 network camera

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