Race reports a price reduction for the Cisco VG248 voice gateway.

Race Communications announces a reduction in the cost of the Cisco VG248 voice gateway. When placing an order from August 25, 2003 to February 28, 2004, the Cisco VG248 voice gateway can be purchased at a special discounted price - 30% lower than the base price.

The purchase of equipment during the promotional period makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of building IP telephone networks, which imply a high density of analog telephone ports. The Cisco VG248 voice Gateway is an integral part of the Cisco AVVID architectural model, allowing you to connect up to 48 analog phones, fax machines, modems and other devices to an already created IP telephone network running Cisco CallManager. The full functionality of analog telephone lines is supported on all 48 FXS ports.

Deliveries are made from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

 Regular price  $ 11,995*
 Preferential price**  $ 8,395*

* - price according to the GPL price list
** - price for the promotional period (from 25.08.03 to 28.02.04)

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