Race announces the name change of Eicon Networks.

Eicon Networks announced the completion of the acquisition of the Intel Media and signal solutions group, as well as the change of the name of the combined company to Dialogic Corporation.

The new company plans to complete the integration of businesses as soon as possible with the supply and support services of both brands fully functioning during the transition period. This work will be all the more successful because Eicon's Diva Server products, supplemented by Dialogic developments, form a complete line of communication boards and software for analog and digital telephony, as well as voice and video information processing.

Dialogic's long-term plans include the development of products for HMP, SIP, adapters and gateways for video and multimedia content. The long-term successful cooperation between Intel and Eicon gives every reason to hope that the first of the products of the new Dialogic Corporation will be announced this year.

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