Axis 2420 network camera with additional video output.

The Axis 2420 network camera is the senior model in the NetEye technology series. The main difference from other Axis network cameras is the presence of an additional video output that can work together with a digital and an additional interface RS-485/422 for remote control of the positioner, which ensures compatibility with the standard list of CCTV actuators.

Axis 2420 is designed for installation both indoors and outdoors, works in a wide range of illumination and can be used to build a video surveillance system via TCP/IP. Special CCTV software developed by Axis partners: Milestone XXV - Milestone System, E-Surveillance - Farsight Ltd., ViewPoint - SeeTec Communications, allows you to combine the functions of a video switch, a duplex multiplexer, a quad, a motion detector, a P/T/Z control keyboard, a monitor and a video recorder in one device - a computer. Axis 2420, in combination with such software, provides images from all cameras on one monitor and recording "live video" with subsequent conversion to .avi format (up to 600,000 frames from each camera).

The retail price of the Axis 2420 camera is $1,130, delivery within four weeks.

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