Cisco WT2750 and WT2710 wireless broadband communication systems.

Cisco WT-2700 Broadband Wireless Broadband Solution The solution is designed to organize wireless broadband communication channels for data transmission and multimedia traffic. It consists of two systems: the WT 2750 multipoint broadband wireless system and the WT 2710 point-to-point broadband wireless system. Both devices on the headend side use the Cisco uBR 7200 universal broadband router. WT 2710 system Cisco uBR 7200 is also used at the other end of the link, and the WT2750 system uses universal Cisco 2600 and 3600 series multiservice routers as equipment for user connection.

The maximum range is 40 km and 32 km for multipoint and point-to-point configurations, respectively, the maximum transmission speed is 22.2 and 44.4 Mbit/s, respectively.

Solutions based on the WT 2700 can easily be combined with both existing and new Cisco networks and solutions, complementing them with broadband wireless technologies.

Full description Cisco WT2750 and WT2710

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