Stackable multifunctional Cisco Catalyst 3550 switches.

Cisco The Catalyst 3550 is a new series of high-performance third-level stackable switches. The switch models included in this series have high performance and scalability, as well as provide tools to improve network security. Due to the variety of models and functionality, these switches can be used as aggregating switches of the distribution layer, or as central switches of the core of a small network.

In the Catalyst 3550 series switches new intelligent services are available that improve the functioning of the network (QoS, bandwidth limitation, access lists (ACLs), group traffic management (multicast), high-performance IP routing, etc.), previously available only in older models of third-level switches.

The distributed routing architecture (CEF) implemented at the hardware level together with the extended version of the EMI software allow the switches of the series Catalyst 3550 achieve high-performance dynamic IP routing.

The Cisco Catalyst 3550 series belongs to the most affordable line of gigabit multiservice switches of the 3rd level from a price point of view. The average cost per port for the Cisco Catalyst 3550-24-SMI switch model with two media converters for a twisted pair is $ 165/port, and for the same model with support for high-speed IP routing (extended version of EMI software) - $ 241/port.

For models with gigabit ports, the average cost per port is $899 and $1249/port for 3550-12T + 2 GBIC SX-optic and 3550-12G + 10 GBIC SX-optic switches, respectively.

Full description of the Cisco Catalyst 3550 series

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