Weblocator LITE - free until August 1, 2004.

Until August 1, 2004, Race Communications and the MegaFon-Moscow network provide free of charge a new service related to mobile positioning - WebLocator LITE.

Weblocator LITE offers the basic functions of Weblocator in a simplified version throughout the territory of the MegaFon-Moscow network (Moscow and the Moscow region). To use the Weblocator LITE service, you do not need to buy special GPS/GSM equipment – it is enough to have a very ordinary GSM phone connected to the MegaFon metropolitan network. The difference from the AOP service (requesting position determination from one phone and sending it in text form as an SMS to another phone) is that the user of the Weblocator LITE service can work with location information via a regular computer connected to the Internet: form individual requests, view the position of the requested subscribers on an electronic map, receive all statistics their movements, keep records and control, carry out effective logistics, call for help in unforeseen situations.

The new Weblocator LITE service is designed for such potential customers as taxi companies, delivery services, courier services, route assistance services, services providing guide services. Weblocator LITE significantly reduces the price threshold for using telematics services in Russia, now they are available to almost everyone, including private users and small businesses.

Learn more about the Weblocator LITE system

Learn more about the Weblocator system

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