WIC modules of analog modems for Cisco 2600 and 3600.

The new WIC-1AM WIC-2AM modules with built-in V.90 modems are designed for use in modular routers of the 2600 and 3600 series and complement the wide range of supported WIC modules with analog modem communication capabilities.

The modules allow you to organize a fairly cheap connection via conventional telephone networks to solve the following tasks: on-demand routing (DDR), redundancy of the main data transmission channels, providing access for local network users to remote terminals connected to the telephone network or to fax machines, as well as to provide services of a small Dial-up access server.

Both cards for connecting to the public telephone network are equipped with two standard RJ-11 ports. In the WIC-1AM module, one port is used to connect the modem to the telephone network, and the second is used to connect an analog telephone. The port for connecting an analog telephone device functions in the same way as a conventional modem - if the line is occupied by a modem, then the analog phone port is blocked, if the line is free, it can be used either by the modem or by the phone. Priority is given to the built -in modem.

The cost of modules (Cisco GPL from 23.11.2001) is WIC-2AM - $795.00, WIC-1AM - $495.00, equipment is available for order, delivery from a warehouse in Moscow or, if not in stock, within 6-8 weeks.

Full description of WIC-1AM and WIC-2AM modules

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