Organization of a wireless network for transmitting video information.

With the simultaneous construction of a large number of facilities, visiting them by the management staff of the customer companies or the management of general contracting construction organizations can take up a significant part of the working time, and in some cases it becomes simply impossible.

In this case, the way out of the situation may be the organization of a system of visual monitoring of the condition of construction sites. Direct visual control of the construction process can significantly improve the timeliness and quality of management decisions.

The use of traditional video surveillance systems to solve this problem is not justified, since it requires the construction of high-speed video transmission channels. Given the relatively short "lifetime" of the construction site, it is unprofitable to invest heavily in the construction of such channels.

Modern technologies of video information transmission via low-speed communication channels allow organizing a system of continuous visual control (monitoring) of a large number of construction sites on the scale of a city, region or region and transmitting this information to the personal computers of managers.

In the section "Typical solutions", a proposal for the organization of a wireless network for transmitting video information has been published. The article describes a typical solution for video monitoring of construction sites, taking into account the specifics of the task and providing for the possibility of transferring equipment to any other object in the shortest possible time. The article also contains an approximate calculation of the cost of this solution, provided it is installed in the city of Moscow.

Full description of a typical solution

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