Vanguard MS has discontinued RemoteVU boards.

Race Communications company announces the termination by Vanguard Managed Solutions of the release of subsidiary RemoteVU video surveillance boards for routers of the popular Vanguard series. Since June 2002, Vanguard MS has not accepted orders for the supply of RemoteVU boards, related software, accessories and the provision of additional services. The production of autonomous RemoteVU Guardian video surveillance servers will continue.

This decision was made due to the decreased demand for RemoteVU boards, which were produced for four years. The technology implemented in them allows you to transmit video over low-speed channels with a bandwidth of 2.4 kbit/s. The largest installation of RemoteVU boards in Russia, made with the participation of Race Communications specialists, provides monitoring of the work of one of the leading metallurgical plants with the help of more than 50 video cameras.

The increase in the capacity of telecommunication channels, the widespread use of Web technologies has led to the emergence of new equipment capable of effectively performing remote video surveillance tasks. Stand-alone video servers RemoteVU Guardian, Axis Web cameras and other products are in high demand today.

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