Race Communications begins deliveries of Polycom SoundPoint 500CS.

Race Communications presents a new development of Polycom, one of the world leaders in the production of audio and video conferencing equipment. Polycom SoundPoint 500CS is so far the only device on the market for users of IP telephony systems that is compatible with Cisco solutions, in particular, and with Cisco Systems CallManager software.

Previously , only the IP phones of the company itself worked with the CallManager platform Cisco. The new Polycom product supports a rather impressive list of functions, including standard CallManager functions, InLine Power technology, Cisco Discovery Protocol version 2.0 and XML language. The device also provides compatibility with the DHCP protocol, and has a large high-quality graphic screen, which allows you to run various business applications on it. Polycom SoundPoint 500CS telephone, as well as IP phones Cisco, with which it is compatible, is equipped with two built-in switching ports Ethernet for connecting a computer and a phone to the network via a single connector. Thanks to the properties listed above, Polycom SoundPoint 500CS has received a certificate of compatibility with CallManager versions 3.0 and 3.1.

Polycom has extensive experience in developing audio and video conferencing systems based on the ITU-T H.323 recommendation, so it is not surprising that this company is betting on IP telephony, especially in tandem with such a well-known corporation as Cisco Systems.

The cost of Polycom SoundPoint 500CS is $410, delivered from May of this year.

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