Race Communications plans to introduce new Eicon Technology products.

Race Communications, one of the leading Russian system integrators, and Eicon Technology, the world leader in the field of access solutions for X.25, Frame Relay and ISDN, held a meeting in Moscow, where they discussed the results of the next financial year and prospects for joint work in the new year.

Based on the results of the fiscal year that ended at Eicon on July 1, 2000, Race Communications, master distributor Eicon has supplied over 48% of the equipment of this Canadian manufacturer to Russia. At the same time, the volume of Eicon products installed in Russia increased by 75% compared to 1999.

As noted by Marjan Torkar, Eicon Manager for the region of Central and Eastern Europe and countries In the Baltic States, Russia's share reaches 20%, but embedded X boards are mainly in demand here.25 and Frame Relay. At the same time , the main products for Eicon are products for ISDN and networks SNA (IBM mainframe).

According to Rafael Shamiev, Senior Manager of Race By product, in order to increase the share of the Russian market of ISDN devices owned by Eicon, it is necessary to conduct a more aggressive marketing policy. First of all, it is necessary to draw the attention of potential customers to the technical and economic indicators of Eicon equipment.

To this end, seminars will be held in Russia by the end of the year , at which Eicon and Race Communications engineers will talk about the characteristics of Eicon products and about the experience of their use in Russia.

Also, by the end of the year, Eicon plans to begin serial production of a whole group of autonomous devices aimed at users from small enterprises. Guests of the Internetcom'2000 exhibition will be able to get acquainted with some new products by visiting the Race Communications stand (Forum Pavilion, stand A225).

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