Race presents an integrated Avaya IP Office solution.

Avaya IP Office is an integrated solution that flexibly interacts with both a conventional telephone network and VoIP systems, which is specially designed for installation in small enterprises and branches of large companies, and combines a telephone exchange, router, network gateway and centralized voicemail. There are two types of solutions: Avaya IP403 Office and Avaya IP406 Office.

Avaya IP403 Office is a small PBX with 10 ports (2 analog and 8 digital) with built-in voicemail, router, LAN hub with 8 ports and a network gateway. Two built-in slots and three external expansion modules provide support for up to 100 numbers and 30 connecting lines of traditional telephony, and the use of an additional voice compression module allows you to support up to 10 voice calls over an IP session.

Avaya IP406 Office is a universal system consisting of a 180-port PBX switching matrix, a built-in voicemail, a router, an 8-port LAN hub and a network gateway. Two embedded slots can be optionally equipped with ISDN PRI, 8BRI or 4CO trunks. A voice compression module is installed directly inside the Avaya IP406 Office, which allows you to support up to 20 voice calls over an IP session, and a module with 2 V.90 modems for organizing a remote access server (RAS).

The cost of Avaya IP403/406 Office in the basic configuration is $1670/$2560, respectively, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Avaya IP403 OfficeDescription of Avaya IP406 Office

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