The Axis 250S video server is a highly efficient solution for streaming video.

The Axis 250S MPEG-2
video server is an inexpensive and
highly efficient solution for
streaming video with synchronized
stereo sound over an IP network. Axis 250S allows
you to transmit data at speeds up to 8 Mbit/s and
frame rates up to 25/30 fps with full video
resolution, while providing DVD-quality
video. In addition to transmitting audio/video stream, Axis
The 250S supports remote control
of a wide range of PTZ cameras.

The broadcast video can
be received on any multimedia
computer with Windows 2000/XP OS and
pre-installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5,
Mediaplayer 7 and Direct-X 8.1. Built-in Linux-based
The web server provides flexible remote
management and monitoring of the device via
a regular browser, for which Axis 250S is enough
to connect to an Ethernet network.

Axis 250S is equipped with a built
-in motion detector and four alarm
inputs, upon activation of which it is possible
to automatically record to FTP or send “captured”
images by e-mail, which allows
it to be used in security
video surveillance systems based on TCP/IP.

The cost of Axis 250S is $1,700,
delivered from a warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6

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